Rundeck v4.16 is live!

Greetings Community! Rundeck 4.16 is here! Some highlights:

Secrets Management Integrations through Enterprise Runner. With the latest release, customers can integrate the Runner with Vault and use secrets from Vault in their workflows. This enables customers to automate workflows in secure, remote environments where they have self-hosted secrets stores.

Node Inventory Discovery through Enterprise Runner. This release enables the Runner to be used for discovering nodes and populating the node-inventory through the Runner, which helps customers to automate more tasks in their secure and remote environments where inventory can only be discovered within their environment’s perimeter.

SSHJ Default Node Executor for New Projects Prior to this release, the out-of-the-box Default Node Executor for projects was the JSCH plugin. However, this plugin no longer supports the latest SSH security standards. With this default change, customers don’t need to switch over to SSHJ, and we will continue to support the JSCH Node Executor plugin.

Full notes here.

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Thanks, Reiner! Great news to wrap up the month! :clap:
Here’s a link to watch the Process Automation Product Management team talking about what’s new in version 4.16 :point_right: Watch on LinkedIn.

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