Rundeck Office Hours

Monthly Community Rundeck Office Hours.

Have questions about Rundeck? Want to learn Rundeck best practices? Join our monthly Office Hours! We’ll host a panel of experienced Rundeck team members to discuss a specific Rundeck product topic and take your live support questions.

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Rundeck Office Hours, December 9th. Topic: Best Practices for Setting Up Rundeck ACL’s
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January Rundeck Office Hours Topic: Creating Custom Plugins

January 13, 2022 at 10 am PT, Register today and pre-submit your questions:

Most of what Rundeck does is via one of it’s plugins. There are already over 100+ plugins to perform various services including executing commands on nodes, performing step in a workflow, or sending notification about job status. There may be instances where you need to write your own plugin to perform a specific step or action. In this session, will walk through the steps for writing our own plugin. Attend to learn:

  1. Review the structure of plugin
  2. How to use the structure and what information you need to include in other files to make your plugin work
  3. How to write a simple plugin example using java
  4. How to reply and use your plugin