Route based on Pingdom alert tag

I’m attempting to define event rules and route to specific services based on the incoming events from Pingdom. I’ve tried to match the tags that are present in the Pingdom event body but with no success.

My (test) rule matcher looks like this

 `tags` contains `other-services`

I can see that the alert from Pingdom has the following tags

    "tags": [

but it does not get routed to the desired service. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for reaching out on our Community space - I can see you also registered this request directly with support and as I have just followed up I will keep the thread there.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

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Did you click on the JSON display to add the field to your rule?

Curiously, the alert does not show up in the right hand list of alerts. I can see it in the Incidents page though.