Rotating daily Schedule between 5 users

Hello - I tried searching for this use case on my own but I was unable to find what I was looking for.

My requirement is: I have 5 members of the support team who should be on-call one day per week, M-F. I would like to rotate the days each member is responsible for on a weekly basis (User1 works Friday on Week1, Thursday on Week2, Wednesday on Week3, etc).

I have found a way to achieve this by adding a schedule slot to Saturday for 30 minutes as a “dummy” slot during which nobody will actually be notified or be expected to work… But this is a bit of an awkward solution. I am wondering if I am missing a feature somewhere to do what I want automatically without needing the dummy slot.

Here’s a picture of my current settings.

Hi there,

Please create a ticket with Support for this. We’re happy to help. You can email us at Don’t forget that schedule screenshot, and/or a link to the schedule in question. We can take a look.


This solution worked - thanks: