Reported incidents for a given escalation policy


I am trying to extract all incidents for a given escalation policy. For example, Escalation Policy: Line Kitting Robot App

How can I do this and get all the PagerDuty incidents for the above escalation policy opened in the last 90 days?

Please advice.

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I’d probably start by finding every service that is using the Escalation Policy in question and then get the incidents from those services for the time period.


I’m interested in too.

We uses the PagerDuty/ServiceNow integration. It means some incidents may be synced from ServiceNow to PagerDuty. Then the assigned escalation policy may not be the service’s default escalation policy. It will be useful:

  • to find all the PagerDuty incidents for a given escalation policy
  • for a service, to list all the incidents not assigned to the service’s default escalation policy


One way to be able to get the information is using API and sending the information to database. Then using Join in the database. You can then display the information in Powerbi or some other reports.