Reply to Email to confirm incident has been raised

Please add an option to the Email Integration to send a reply to the incoming email acknowledging that an incident has been raised.

We have had incidents triggered multiple times because the manual escalation email disappears into the aether and the original sender has no idea if it was received or not. So they send it again.

This is not a de-duplication problem, this is a human-computer interaction problem. If someone is taking the significant step of escalating an incident, they need positive confirmation that their action succeeded.

We could set something up with webhooks and the API, but this seems like a trivial change for PD to support.


Hello Mike,

Thanks for reaching out on community and sharing feedback of what you’d like to see added to the platform.

I will share this with our product team, do let us know if you have any questions.



I like Mike’s proposal.
My 2 cent: it can be a reply, or a delivery notification like Outlook ones

As the sender is able to know it has been delivered, it’s OK.


Thanks SĂ©bastien appreciate the +1!