Repeat Mobile Notification?

I’m looking for a way to make mobile notifications repeat until acknowledged.

Apparently this is not a new issue.

I’ve added notification rules that send a new notification each minute. If making the notification repeat until acknowledged is not a feature that will be added, could the duration to wait until notification is triggered be changed to accept decimal values instead of just whole numbers?

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Hello David,

At this time Push Notifications will not notify continuously. The use of Notification Rules as you have done is the option to achieve being notified till the Incident is acknowledged. This applies to Call Notification also.

That said, this has been raised as a feature request for the Product Team to consider.

I hope that helps.

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I just wanted to add my +1 to this. I’m currently evaluating PagerDuty, and I was puzzled why I couldn’t find a way to make these repeat. It’s a feature I’d really have expected to be present, given that notifications are a cornerstone of the service.