Reformat date/time in Analytics export

Does anyone have a cunning method of reformatting the date/timestamps in the csv analytics report exports please?

They currently come out like this…

But we would like them to be more human readable, like this…
11-01-2023 03:49:17

We have created a macro in Excel that splits it into separate date and time columns in the format we require, but then merging the two columns just turns the contents into a number (e.g. 44937 0.159224537037037) which we then cannot convert into a meaningful date & time.


Hi Chris,

You can use the following cell formula to take the ISO8601 format put it in a simple date & time format
You then just need to make sure the cell format containing the formula is in its desired format, e.g.

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Thanks very much for this James - that’s done the trick! :+1: