Record the Escalation Policy name in the Incident Timeline

This isn’t really relevant for the initial raising of the Incident because the Escalation Policy will be aligned to the Service, but if Reassign is selected on the Incident it would be good to have the EP detailed as well as the user’s name …currently it just says “Assigned to ”.
In our organisation users are often in multiple Schedules and therefore feature in multiple EPs. So this enhancement would make it easier to retrospectively investigate the lifecycle of any given Incident.

The EP detail is already catered for in the Timeline when Adding Responders to an incident, but not Reassigning.


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your feedback! We have shared these details with the product team and let them know what you’re looking for. As always, do let us know if theres any where else you’d like to see improvements.


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+1 on Chris request

We also have this kind of use case because the initial raising of the incident may not be the service default escalation policy. The incident can be triggered by a user from the PagerDuty Web UI or PagerDuty Slack App … or whatever. And the user may select any escalation policy or directly a user.

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Thanks for this feedback, Sébastien! I’ve shared this with the team as well.