Read-Only in the mobile app


In the mobile app, when I go to the Users in the menu, I choose a user and then it shows ‘Read-Only’ or ‘On-call, Off-call’. What exactly mean the Read-Only?
And is there any way to copy the contact on the user information?
Is there any relation with Read-only since I cannot copy the information?
Please let me know.

Hi Kiyoung,

Users that are labeled ‘Read-Only’ in the mobile app are users with a stakeholder or limited stakeholder role.

On the iPhone, pressing on a user’s contact info will open an application corresponding to the contact type (for instance Phone for phone number, Mail for email address), but it will not provide an option to copy the contact information from within the app.

On an Android phone, you have the option of clicking the three dots at the top of the screen and choosing “Add to Contacts” to save a user’s contact information to your phone.

There isn’t any relation to copying the contact and the “Read-Only” label. This label just signifies that the user has read-only capabilities within PagerDuty.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Cassie Champagne
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support