Quick access to Incident's "Links" from Slack / MS Teams

We add links to our incidents that enable quick debugging of issues. It would be nice if we could surface these links in Slack / MS Teams integrations - without having to expand the incident description (“Show Description” in MS Teams and “View Details” in Slack) Maybe the custom links from the incident could be included after the “Run Action” button / menu item?

Hello @craig.austin!

Thank you for the valuable feedback. I’ll share it with our product team and I’ll try to get back with a status update.

To be able to provide more details to the product team, are those links:

  1. links to monitoring/observability platform that allows operators to get more details on what’s wrong?
  2. links to the knowledge base to guide operators to follow a specific path for well-known issues?
  3. links to scripts that the operator can run for certain scenarios?
  4. none of the above

Thanks in advance!

Thank you Tiago. Great questions :slight_smile: Yes, (1) and (3). Our links take us from the PagerDuty incident (or Slack / MS Teams) to Grafana to view detailed logs (in Loki) and let us restart (or “force-success” and ignore) the failed job in our job orchestration tool.