Questions about integrating with Logic Monitor

Hi there! I am trying to come up with a plan for my integration with LogicMonitor. My plan is to have LogicMonitor deal with all low level alerts, but for anything critical, I want phone calls to go out via PagerDuty.

I have multiple locations across the globe and ideally if a critical alert goes off for a device in India, I would like for the India team to be notified and if they dont answer, I would like our HQ Sys Admin team to be notified. Easy enough

My question is how do I make this happen for multiple locations. Looking at all of the documentation, it looks like I can set up an escalation chain within logicmonitor to send to PagerDuty, but how will pager duty know if I want the India team notified first vs say the team in another location? I hope this question makes sense!

This really comes down to how you design your services taxonomy and escalation policies. I’d suggest a service/application + geographical approach by the sounds of your description.

Technical Service: Critical Service/Application: India
Escalation Policy: India Service/App Support Team

Technical Service: Critical Service/Application: UK
Escalation Policy: UK Service/App Support Team

Technical Service: Critical Service/Application: North America
Escalation Policy: North America Service/App Support Team

And you would then create event rules to route incoming LogicMonitor events/alerts using available metadata (eg service/application name, location, etc.) into the correct technical service and notify the appropriate on-call responders.

You would configure your Escalation Policies with the HQ SysAdmin team’s schedules on a higher layer of the escalation policies so if the regional team doesn’t respond it would escalate up to the HQ team.

Does this help?


Yes, this was essentially the idea I was forming. Thank your for making it clear!