Question - do we allow response plays linked together like a workflow?


Is there an feature where I can define that “Response Play B” cannot be run/visible until “Response Play A” has been ran? I am trying to organize a long list of response play options per my company’s escalation workflow and team based filtering of response plays cannot work in my situation.

Hi Steven,

The functionality that you described is not currently offered. You can, however, run multiple Response Plays in any order you wish manually from both the web and mobile applications. You can also store a runbook against your services within PagerDuty, so your responders have reference for which Response Plays to run and when , and in what order.

Building a Response Play workflow like you described is certainly something that PagerDuty wants to explore in the future. If we begin deeper discovery on such a feature, would you be interested in participating in an interview with members of our Product and UX team?



Hi Victor:

Thanks for the reply. Yes I am interested in participating in your interview.