PUT to https://api.pagerduty.com/teams/{team_id}/users/{user_id} ends with 400


we use terraform to manage our users, schedules, teams and escalation policies. I am the admin of the PD instance. I added myself to a team as a responder and the API (see subject) returned this:

Code: 2001, Errors: [admin cannot take team role responder], Message: Invalid Input Provided

However, in PD I see that everything was created - the team, my membership in it, escalation policy. Alerts are flowing. So I wonder what the problem is - why do I get 400, when the request got processed?

Any ideas?


Hi Ondrej,

In the example you provided, you were given code 2001, which explained that it was invalid input. A 400 error message would have not processed the information.

Could you email us (support@pagerduty.com) so that we could get more specific information from you to follow up? If you could include the call that was made that provided the error, we can take a further look.

Abbott Brannon
Technical Support Specialist