Product AMA: Mobile Platform

If your team is still thumbing through a handbook to determine how to respond to an issue or manually combing through past incidents to see what might be related, you simply aren’t making the best use of their time or resources. One of the easiest ways to improve team efficiency and protect revenue is to remove low-value activities (or toil) by automating them so that you can re-deploy your valuable resources elsewhere.

Our latest solutions for intelligent response and automation provide focused, real-time information about what’s most important. They also lighten the burden on responders by reducing duplication of work and allowing machines to automate manual tasks. Automation gives organizations the ability to do more with less, improving company resilience and protecting revenue.

  • Mobile Intelligent Triage , part of Event Intelligence, prevents teams from duplicating work. Machine learning draws on historical records of issues and collaborations, and merges related incidents, giving teams the ability to more accurately identify who is responsible and working on issues.

  • Mobile Status Dashboard gives business stakeholders convenient, on-the-go access to the most important updates about key business services.

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