Postmortems Permissions and Attachment Enchancements

PagerDuty’s training and response documentation is amazing and leads to an excellent start to post mortem’s but the post mortem’s in PagerDuty could use some enhancements to make it usuable on a large scale.

  • Multiple Templates
    • Not all incidents are the same. Some have SLA, or customer impact and some are internal only. Some might be application or hardware specific and some might actually be an upstream vendor issue but still need recorded/documented. Having more templates allows for cleaner more concise post mortems.
  • Post Mortem Permissions Set
    • Being able to restrict Post Mortem Template Edit rights to a compliance team and edit rights to selected teams would allow for significantly enhanced business flow with reduced unintentional edits. In particular though give the template management to the Business Continuity team would be a significant compliance benefit.
  • Attachments
    • A huge benefit were would be able to attach a pdf or csv to the post mortem so can efficiently add impacted device/customer/product list that might not have been in the alerts that are rolled into the post mortem for one reason or another.

Most other issues are able to be work around by including url links to tickets/tasks or such items in the post mortem but addition integration to tools such as servicenow, salesforce, jira for task creation/tracking and to function as a method for technical support or customer success representative to review.

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