Please fix redirect away from PD schedule to incident page when sign in is required

Issue: When a login session expires, subsequent re-entry of login details cause redirects from PD schedule.

i.e. If a user visits a bookmarked link to a PD schedule and it turns out their session has expired, it takes several steps to get back to the initially requested schedule:

  1. Enter login details -> successful login
  2. Pager Duty redirects away from your requested schedule to the incidents page.
  3. User must go back to original schedule (manually or through bookmark).

The request is that PD remembers/persists the original schedule page prior to login and does not redirect away from it, saving user from additional steps to go back to the page they were originally intending to visit.


Hi @mick.mccarthy!

Thanks for providing this feedback. I believe I get your request but just to make sure…what you want is the login redirect page to be dynamic, correct?

This would mean that independent of the page that you are in, if you are redirected to login page because your session expired, you would always be redirected back to the same page. This would cover not only the schedule scenario but all other scenarios.

Let me know if that is the case and I’ll raise this feedback with the Product team. Thanks in advance!