📗 Platform Release Notes - November 2023

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  • PagerDuty One-Touch Usage ends on Dec 14, 2023
  • Updates to Existing Content-Based Alert Grouping
  • Reduce time to diagnose and next action for Responders
  • Reduce Noise Across Services
  • Webhooks Public Certificates Expiring Soon
  • Legacy Reports to be deprecated
  • ​Updates to REST API Rate Limits
  • Analytics API Service is Generally Available
  • ​Analytics Dashboard in Early Access
  • ​Mobile App: Status Dashboard Widget on Home Screen GA

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Customers can now use the Scheduled Maintenance feature to keep their customers proactively informed about when they are going to be unavailable due to maintenance. They can easily add the information to their status page while sending real-time notifications to their subscribers
Status Page Templates feature provides customers with a way to standardize their incident and maintenance posts for quick reusability. Customers can improve trust and speed up the communication process by leveraging this feature to avoid repetitive copying and pasting of updates and ensure a consistent way of communication across posts
Customers can now allow their customers to get incident and maintenance updates via both Webhook and Slack Notifications
Customers can now leverage the enhanced Status Page Management feature to define which teams, besides the original page creator, can edit or delete their status pages. "

Status Dashboard Widget on Home Screen of mobile app is really a nice initiative for user experience perspective. Moreover i hope Analytics Dashboard help users. nice work