📔 Platform Release Notes - December 2023

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  • Schedule Layer Copy now generally available
  • EU: Registering New OAuth Apps is now available
  • The Analytics Dashboard is now Generally Available
  • Reminder: Legacy Reports End-of-Life
  • Intelligent Dashboards sunsetting on January 15, 2024
  • Webhooks Public Certificates Expiring Soon
  • Introducing Slack as an Incident Contact Method
  • Round Robin support via Escalation Policy API

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The Dashboard was designed to streamline customers’ access to key metrics and reports all on one surface. With a user-friendly navigation system, users can easily drill down into and monitor essential metrics to drive proactive improvements. It provides direct access to Insights Reports for deeper analytics and easier navigation

Introducing Slack as an Incident Contact Method is the interested release note for me as it helps team to receive escalation and respond