pagerduty webhook v3

Hi All,
I am trying to upgrade to pagerduty webhook V3 version. I have couple of doubts and question as follow.

  1. how to create Webhook version v3 subscription ? if you follow documentation, in API Ref. it show Accept*:application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=2 to create subscription.
  2. How to differ Webhook v2 subscription and Webhook v3 subscription ? I check both subscription response both are same. (is there any way to see v3 subscription/integration.)
  3. There is any version up for pagerduty API for creating subscription or are we still using “PagerDuty V2 API” to create Webhook v3 subscription ?.


  1. when I see integrations --> service integration I am able to see only v2 subscription. any Idea ?
  2. I pass Accept*:application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=3 while trying to create Webhook v3 subscription. I got success response. But if I see service integration list for above subscription it show me as “Generic v2 Webhook”. Anyone have idea on this ?

v2 and v3 Webhooks are very very different. With v2, you’re adding a webhook v2 extension to a PagerDuty Service. With v3, you’re creating a subscription at the account, team or service level.

For information on creating a webhook v3 subscription via the API, please follow this documentation:

Webhook v3 subscriptions do not show up under a service’s integrations view yet. This is normal. You can see all Webhook v3 subscriptions under the main menu Integrations -> Generic Webhooks v3 (New) link.

The REST API header is always application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=2 for all REST API interactions.

Hi @dmcclure,

Thanks for reply :+1: Now got clear understanding of pagerduty Webhook v3 creation.

One more thing I want to ask you, When I create subscription through the UI options provided on generic Webhook v3 page, I am able to sees webbooks subscriptions list but only which are created through UI. Subscriptions that I am creating using postman does not appear on the list.

did you face similar kind of issue ? any reason for that ?

If you are unable to see subscriptions created via the API in the web UI page, I’d consider that a bug. Please report this via