PagerDuty UI - Calendar Locale

Viewing schedules in the Calendar View works well, but is hardcoded to display first day of the week as Sunday. In ISO 8601 and en-GB locale, Monday is the first day of the week.

It would be good if the user preferences supported either an option for first day of week, or more generally a locale option (en/en-US/en-GB etc.).


Hey Chris -

Welcome to PagerDuty Community and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I went ahead and tracked this in our feature request tool. We’ll be making some investments into our scheduling functionality in the near term and we’ll be sure to review this.


Great, thanks :slight_smile:

FullCalendar supports this stuff natively (more recent versions also allow dynamic updates to these options), so in theory it should drop in really nicely!

I’d love this as well.

It’s so confusing to try to read the schedule in the calendar view (which imho is the best tool for long-term planning) when every week is skewed one day like that.

Hi Erik,

I will gladly forward your request to view the schedule on a custom-day or start of the work week for better planning abilities.

As a matter of fact, even here in North America I find a Monday start to be much preferable and have my iOS and MacOS calendars set that way. Our PagerDuty rotation, not surprisingly, involved an entire weekend and Monday start makes quick glances easier to see if that weekend is blown :wink:

Any news on this?
+21 from our users :slight_smile:

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