Pagerduty to exclude alerts on public holidays in 2 contries differently

Dear support team,

my name is Adrian and I have a question for you. We are currently using free plan where we are using duties hours for pagerduty as custom (Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CEST).

We have duties hours within business hours only so this is the reason why it is set like this. We want to exclude public holidays in multiple locations but current schedule allows us using only this monday to friday schedule. Is it possible within this license plan or higher if is not enough to achieve that so we have business hours for duties monday to friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM and to exclude piublic holidays for 1 person in Czechia and 3 people in Netherlands. Is it possible to achieve that profile based? Or better within the schedule? Is that possible? So basically you receive alerts in business hours outside of public holidays. Is that possible to implement? And if yes with which form of license?


Hello Adrián,

Currently none of our support plans provide an override feature for public holidays/vacation mode. You would need to use overrides placing another user/a dummy user on call to handle these responsibilities when users are off duty.

Hope this helps clarify things!

Hello John,

understood. It is not possible yet. Thank you for the explanation.


Hi John,

Can you tell me if there has been any movement on the ability to cater for Bank Holidays yet please?
As we onboard more and more teams, they are utilising the ÔÇťSupport HoursÔÇŁ functionality e.g. to only have low-urgency" during daytime hours Monday to Friday. However, this then causes a problem whereby they will not receive High-Urgency notifications on a Bank Holiday. It is not going to be manageable to change this setting for each b/hol.