PagerDuty not using selected ringtone for On-call Boosters - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus

Hello, please this is an urgent issue, i am secondary oncall now and going primary oncall on Monday. The problem is Pagerduty is not using my selected ringtone as set on the “On-call Boosters” settings inside the pager duty app on samsung galaxy note 20 plus. Whenever i am getting paged, it is ringing using “PD-Default” ringtone whereas i set it up to use “PD - Pager Beeps” ringtone. This is important for me because the “PD-Default” doesn’t wake me up because of the nature of the tone not high pitched enough for me, issue getting escalated in the middle of the night when it should have not been escalated above me, real pissed off situation. Someone please help me.

Hello Faiz,

Thanks for reaching out on our community space! To help troubleshoot this further are you able to reach out to the support team on Please include screenshots of your settings from the app and also the app version number. As there’ll be screenshots from your phone I’d rather take it out of the public space to ensure privacy!


Thanks for the quick reply, i have send an email to support

Hi Faiaz,

Thank you for that! We have replied to your email.