PagerDuty iOS app on Macos

macos Catalina has added support for ios Apps to be run macos;
Are there any plans on bringing the PagerDuty iOS app to the Mac desktop?

Hi Alex,

Currently there is nothing in the works that I’m aware of, however, I would be happy to pass this along to our product team as a feature request if you like. Were you wanting to see different functionality running the app on desktop or just looking for the ability to run the same app in MacOS?

Hi Chris,

What I think would be fantastic would be to simply have the same functionality in the iOS app in the desktop.

Right now the workflow is that when an incident happens my phone buzzes, I take a look and then have to switch to the desktop, find the incident and then start working. if there was a official desktop application that could take on getting the push notifications and giving me a summary of the incident it would save me a lot of time physically context switching around, and fluffing about.

having a compact view of what’s going on, which isn’t hidden away in a browser tab somewhere would also be a great benefit. Sure there are chrome extensions and menu bar tools and a myriad of integrations out there but it then becomes a personal choice and harder to enforce across the team.

I view the app as a gateway into your main site and a summary viewer, so the same fuctionality in the iOS app on the desktop would be what I was thinking

Hi Alex,

Will pass this feedback along to our product team, also appreciate you expanding on what you’d like to see - we always appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for reaching out on Community!