PagerDuty Community Breakathon: We break it, you fix it!

It’s fun to break things, and it’s also fun to figure things out. Our four-hour Breakathon combines these two fun activities into one.

Participants will form teams of 3-5 people, to compete with each other to correctly diagnose and fix the problems with some typical services and applications. You can bring a team, or you can join up with others ad-hoc at the event.

The Breakathon consists of several scenarios, starting with simple stuff, and progressing to ever more complex failures. The team to resolve all incidents first will win awesome prizes. Everyone will get door prizes as well.

After we’re done breaking and fixing things, we’ll proceed seamlessly to a Happy Hour with PagerDuty engineers. Sounds good? It gets better: The event is free to attend!

Go ahead and register! We’re looking forward to seeing you!
Registration (free)

Date: Wednesday, September 6th
Agenda: 3:00 - 7:00 PM

PagerDuty Office
600 Townsend St

Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94103

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We’ve partnered with Tech in Motion Events to help bring awareness to our Breakathon to more people in the local tech community.

Tech in Motion is a community-based event series that aims to bring tech enthusiasts together in the Bay Area. They host a variety of events around relevant tech topics to engage the community.

This September, Tech in Motion is hosting their Third Annual Timmy Awards. This event aims to give back to companies who encourage technological innovation through positive work cultures. They will be awarding the top tech companies not only for their technological advancements, but for their investment in the people that make the advancements possible.

Join them September 21st to celebrate the winners and engage with the local tech community!

Check this out: We’ve posted event rules and prizes!