PagerDuty Alert rule - Based on tags from Sentry

How can we add an alert rule based on tags from Sentry.
There is a Sentry alert forward to PagerDuty which has tag - category: add_to_cart.
How can i filter while adding an alert rule in PagerDuty like where category=add_to_cart. Currently filter based on subject and message body only.

Hi Abdul!

I think you might be referring to our global rulesets feature.

Sentry uses our Events API which is supported with Global Rulesets.

While the drop-down feature indicates emails can also be added as parameters, you can send events directly to the global key (found under Incoming Event Source) to build out the rules for your Sentry event.

In your case, you would want check for where the parameter details.tags or details.tags.level (for example) contained the value needed to complete the rule. As a reminder, global rulesets will only work if the event is sent to the global ruleset key instead of the service integration key.