Pager duty alert is changing automatically to acknowledge instead of triggered

I am new to PagerDuty Integration, I am working on integrating PagerDuty (PD) and ServiceNow (SN) .
When the alert is triggered from PD to SN, once oncall acknowledge the alert the state is changeds from triggered to acknowledged, however when the incident is created on ServiceNow, the alert on PD is changing the state to acknowledge automatically and oncall is not notified.

Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening ?

Hi Vinay!

This isn’t expected behaviour from the out of the box V6 ServiceNow integration.

As the PagerDuty statuses are mapped between ServiceNow and PagerDuty, there could be business rules outside of the integration which is automatically altering the state of the ServiceNow incident causing PagerDuty to be updated as well. The webhook import rows

The debug logs are a great way of understand what applications within ServiceNow caused what impact on the incidents tied to PagerDuty.

As these require investigating your specific logs, I’ve requested for them in a Support ticket.