Owning ChatOps: Leveraging Microsoft Teams and Slack to Streamline Incidents

ChatOps, a term widely credited to GitHub, is all about conversation-driven development. By bringing your tools into your conversations and using a chatbot modified to work with key plugins and scripts, teams can automate tasks and collaborate, working better, cheaper and faster—allowing the entire team to collaborate in real time as commands are executed. When teams combine PagerDuty’s platform for digital operations with tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, the result for our shared customers is a tech stack that enables true, real-time operations with powerful ChatOps functionality.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Leverage ChatOps tools within PagerDuty to streamline incident communication and team collaboration
  • Adopt the “Gold Standard” of best practices when configuring tools like Slack & Microsoft Teams
  • Experience the depth of functionality that ChatOps provides within PagerDuty

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