Operational Review Reports, Able to make exportable PDFs


I wanted to know if PagerDuty was doing anything to make Operational Review Reports exportable to PDF to provide to others. Also the ability to subscribe and have those weekly reports emailed to the subscribers without having them to have to go into PagerDuty to view the report.

Those two enhancements would be nice as we would like better overall reporting in PagerDuty.

Hi Steven,

Our current Operational Review reports are not exportable or able to be emailed to a user/subscriber of the report. I have taken your request for this and provided it to our product team as a Feature Request.

Thanks for sharing this feedback.

Abbott Brannon
Technical Support Specialist

Thank you, yes we would really love for this to be a feature. As these are great reports “Scorecards” for our support teams but the ability not the export or subscribe and get weekly reports emailed to them to present to their leadership is very unfortunate at this time.

Any new information regarding reporting or exporting reports into Splunk or any other Power BI tools.