Offline document in the mobile app


I would like to propose that a Global Admin user is able to add a document on a PagerDuty instance which will be available offline via the PagerDuty mobile app for each Responder.

Here is a sample scenario:

  1. I’m oncall for 3 services
  2. an incident is triggered on one of the service, so I received a phone call because my phone line is up
  3. but my data/Internet access is broken
  4. according to the phone message, I know I have to contact the Network team on their emergency phone number (I can’t use any other tools like Slack, mail, … as I do not have data/Internet access, only my phone line)
  5. I don’t have it or can’t remember it => I can only cry :slight_smile:

I know I may prepare my oncall and save/update all the emergency phone numbers in my contact list. But as my company keep this list in a shared document, it will be helpful if this document can be sync on my mobile app to be available offline (ie: it’s updated manually on the PagerDuty instance by a GlobalAdmin, but it’s synced automatically for each user on his/her mobile app)

I also know I may escalate the incident when I’m called … but imagine I’m the last escalation level?

It may also be useful in case of I have data/Internet access on my phone, but the system which hosts the emergency phone numbers document is down.

I will appreciate any customer feedback or vote on this feature, and PagerDuty team feedback as well. :yum:


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Hi Sebastien,

I think that having an offline response process/document is a great suggestion to include in the mobile app.

Thank you for sharing your use-case and how this would help scenarios where users may not have additional resources to escalate. I’ve shared this directly with the Mobile team.