Notify microsoft teams based on alert severity

It would be great if one could send notifications based on alert severity to Microsoft Teams. I would like all high (critical and error severity) alerts to be sent to Microsoft Teams. At the moment we are using the updated pagerduty app on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams v2 integrator which does not have this functionality as far as I can see so all low and high alerts are sent. We dont want the low level alerts sent to microsoft teams.

Hey James,

Thank you for this feedback and for reaching out on Community!

sorry that we currently do not offer this functionality but I have pass your feedback to the product team.


Hi John,

Thats great news thanks. Are there any extensions/apps that do support dynamic based notifications? We configured all our alerts to utilising your dynamic notifications so we have a single production service that receives the two levels of alerts. i cant find an add on / extension / application that can integrate with Pagerduty so only high level alerts are actually sent to it. This is for business (non technical) users to view all high alerts easily but they dont require low level alerts.

One approach would be to have a dedicated PagerDuty service for your most critical incoming events/alerts and incidents with notifications sent into a connected MS Teams channel solely for that purpose.

Using PagerDuty Event Rules, you can fully control the incoming events only allowing alert and incident creation for the specific ones you care about and route those into your specific PagerDuty services with integrated MS Teams channels.

Give it a try!

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the reply. We have considered this (having another production critical service) however it was a last resort. When will you support the sending of dynamic based notifications with 3rd party extensions/apps such as Microsoft Teams?

Cheers, Jamie

Hi Jamie! Thanks for your message and for providing your feedback!

We do not have an ETA for when this type of feature will be implemented but I can confirm that we have passed your feedback along to our Product team in a form of a feature request.

If you have any questions or have additional information about your use case you’d like to add to help supplement the request, please reach out to us at