Notification rules GET api is only returning high urgency rules

I tested using{id}~1notification_rules~1{notification_rule_id}/get and the response did not contain any of my ‘low’ urgency rules.


Use this endpoint to see them all:{id}~1notification_rules/get

Hi Doug,

I tested with the endpoint you provided again and still the response does not contain any of my low urgency rules.

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

If you can please reach out to with the issue that you are having, we will be happy to investigate this for you.

Please let us know in your emails if you have further questions as well.

Hi Rahul,

To see low urgency notification rules, you’ll want to add the query parameter urgency=low, like{id}/notification_rules?urgency=low. This means you’ll make one request to see high urgency notification rules, and another request to see low urgency rules.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much!