No value for "seconds_to_resolve" for incident with status resolved using API + UI difference

Hi! Our team is using the PagerDuty API to track information about incidents over time. We recently came across a situation where the response we were receiving about a particular incident contained a null value for seconds_to_resolve despite the status of the incident being resolved.

This is when using the /analytics/raw/incidents/{id} endpoint.

Even stranger, when we navigate to the UI, we see that this incident does have a value listed for time to resolve.

Our questions:

Is this a known bug? Is this expected behavior? Is there a more reliable method for getting “seconds_to_resolve”?

Any insights around this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out! Our Analytics API is updated on a nightly basis, so any Incidents opened today you would not be able to look into until tomorrow.

On that note, could you submit a ticket to so that we can look into the Incident in question? It would be great if you could send the call that you made, as well as the time of the request so that we can look into it.

Happy to help here!