New permission level request

My team manages our PagerDuty account for our entire organization. One of our objectives is to ensure that our PagerDuty account settings mirror our CMDB. So our team are global admins and we do not provision users to the manager role at the account level. We like that we can give our users the flexible role of responder at the account level and manager at the team level, but we have recently encountered an issue with this level of access still giving our users a little too much access.

We’d like to request a new flexible role on a team between responder and manager that can modify rules and rulesets for their team (but not create rulesets or delete them), can create/modify/delete schedules and escalation policies, and can modify settings on their services (but not create or delete services).

Users that are set in a flexible role of responder at the account level and manager on the team level are currently able to create and delete services and add integrations to their services and they are not doing these things according to our processes or following our standards and it is causing us some heartburn.

Is this level of access feasible to add to the road map?

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I don’t know why this was added to the support forum. This is feature request. The things I am asking for here are not possible in the current state of the product.

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Hey Travis,

Thanks for reaching out on our community space. We have passed along this feedback to our product team and let them know what you are looking for. While we do not have it right now, I have as mentioned passed along your feedback.

Thanks for sharing!

John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

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I guess this is an issue for all PagerDuty admins. There are permissions that we dont want everybody to have - like creating services and adding integrations. PagerDuty must provide a way to customize the user roles, rather than having fixed permissions.