New Jira Cloud integration failed to setup

I’ve tried to connect Jira Cloud to PagerDuty, unfortunately without success. The first configuration screen goes without a problem (choice PagerDuty Service and Jira project).
JIRA test issue is created every time and shows that configuration is successful, but when I try to save on configuration screen I get the message:

Outbound integration must be an object containing properties id and type.

No matter what fields I fill in and how. The type of issue does not matter.
I’ve tried filling in all the custom fields - no difference.
I’he tried two different instances - my production one and Jira from Cloud Developer Bundle.
I am losing hope this combination can work. Please help.

Hello @Baku,

Please can you refer to the PagerDuty [Jira Cloud Integration Guide]. There’s been no change made recently to the Integration.
If the issue still persists, please can you reach out to the Support Team, with screenshots of the error and details of the Service in question then we will go from there.


As it comes out this message is shown because I have free account without possibility to run this integration.
A very clear message for such an error.

Hello @Bakus

You’re on our Freemium plan, which doesn’t support Jira integrations. You can read more under Incident Response on our pricing page.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist