New Episode: Scaling Support Teams and People

In this episode, @kat chats with PagerDuty’s own EMEA support team lead, John Donnell, about the challenges of scaling a CS Team across global offices, mentoring others, and building your own career, all while remembering to stop and take a breath once in a while.

:studio_microphone: Listen now: Scaling Support Teams and People With John O’Donnell

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John O’Donnell is the Team Lead for PagerDuty’s EMEA support team. John has worked at Pagerduty for 6 years but has been in the tech industry for nearly 10. John’s passion lies in providing Pagerduty’s customers with top tier support, and supporting his team in feeling heard and achieving their goals. Outside of work, John can be found in one of Londons galleries, museums, restaurants or parks.