New Episode: Python in Space with Mike Fiedler

Use cases for the Python programming language are everywhere. This week we talk to Mike Fiedler, Security and Safety Engineer for PyPI about keeping those use cases secure, working in Open Source, and sending Python to space.

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The Python Software Foundation
PyPI, the Python Package Index
Python on Mars and F´, a NASA project for embedded and spaceflight systems
Practical Object-Oriented Design by Sandi Metz
CISA, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (USA)
AWS Heroes
Vint Cerf’s TEDxMidAtlantic talk and a more recent Google Cloud interview about the Interplanetary Internet project
pdpyras, a Python module for accessing PagerDuty’s APIs
PagerDuty Home Page
Episode edited by Mandy Moore
Transcripts by Rev

Awesome place to keep learning. I didn’t knew that PD community has a podcast, it’s really cool. I am looking forward to learn Python. thanks

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@subrat.jain, great to know you’re a listener! Follow Page to the Limit in your favorite audio streaming so you never miss a show (new episodes every first and third Tuesday each month).

Also, we’re always open to receive ideas for new episodes! :bulb:

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Yes @xenda.amici, I will for sure :slight_smile: . Thanks for letting me know about the podcase cadence !!

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This podcast provides a captivating and insightful discussion on various topics ranging from the evolution of open source software to the intricacies of Python’s role in the modern technological landscape.

Mike Fiedler’s journey from an operations background to becoming a key figure in the Python Software Foundation offers valuable insights into the intersection of technology and community-driven initiatives. Mandi Walls’ probing questions and Mike’s articulate responses shed light on the complexities of software security, the significance of open source contributions, and the evolving role of cloud technologies, particularly AWS, in shaping the future of computing.

Overall, it’s a thought-provoking conversation that highlights the importance of collaboration, transparency, and continuous learning in the realm of technology.