New Episode: Incident Response to Incident Management With Jeli

In this episode, we welcome Nora Jones, Founder and CEO of Jeli, which PagerDuty acquired in 2023.

We talk with Nora about expanding incident response into incident management and learning from incidents to improve reliability.

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Nora Jones is a Senior Director of Product at PagerDuty, and the former founder and CEO of Jeli. She is a software engineer and leader with 10+ years of experience at innovative companies including Netflix and Slack. Nora’s focus on the sociotechnical aspects of engineering — the intersection between how people and software work together in practice in distributed systems — is a founding pillar of Jeli, as well as the Chaos Engineering movement, which Nora helped build from the start. She is also the founder of the Learning From Incidents community (

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Excellent and great insights looking forward to more case studies and references. These sessions really get the required knowldge and increase the know how

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