Need help creating a Follow the Sun On call Scedule


I am trying to create a somewhat follow the sun schedule for my team.
note: All times are in UTC+3
I have an IL team of 3 which I want to be on call during IL daylight time (08:00 to 17:00) excluding IL weekends (Fri to Sat)

I have 2 US EST folks who I need to join the on call between their daylight time (15:00 to 0000)

and finally I have one engineer on PST who I also want to join the on call rotation between her daylight (18:00 to 03:00)

As an added complication I want the US base team (Both EST and PST ) to be on call excluding their weekends which is (Sat to Sun)

Can you help me create this schedule? is it possible?


We do exactly this.

We have 3 teams, one on US pacific time, one on UK time and one on India time. The US & UK time are on call 7 days a week, but India are only on call on weekdays.

Our Layer 1 team are in the UK, Layer 2 is US and Layer 3 is India