Need action like: "Suppressing until more than 1 alerts received within 5 minutes" support for service integration

Need support for service integration for Event Rule Function:
Suppressing until more than 1 alerts received within 5 minutes

Now it only support action: suppress and set servility
Better provide action like above:Suppressing until more than 1 alerts received within 5 minutes

Hey Vicky!

It looks like you’re using Global Event Rules to use threshold alerting, however, the alert doesn’t seem to be sent through the global key located in Configuration > Event Rules > Incoming Event Source. You will need to send this using the global key in order to have the event parse through the rules. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at


But my integration is using LogDNA tool type, not event api
And under incoming event source, the key can NOT be edit
How i can “suppress untill more than 1 alerts receive within 5 mins” under my integration key with tool logdna, not global key
Because all my alert are coming from logdna

Hi Vicky,

The feature, Threshold Alerting is presently only available using the
Global Event rules. The Global Event Rule Key is not editable. You would need to
have the Global Event Rule Key entered in the logdna tool. I hope that helps.