My Introduction Doesn't Change the Fact that PagerDuty Rocks

Hi all. Name’s Joel; I wear two hats.

My paycheck comes as a monitoring admin (with some sysadmin overlap) at a communications technology firm. It’s challenging, especially when people have strong opinions about this-and-that monitoring platform,… but my aim is to keep things at a full head of steam, tune those thresholds, craft new checks, and onboard new people to our use of PagerDuty while the rest of those fools bicker. I also host a weekly tabletop group at the office (because we work to live, not live to work).

I’m also the Technology Director for a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit, on the off-hours. It’s nice to switch things up and exercise other skills and projects but I won’t lie – it’s like having two fulltime jobs. What was that I said about living to work something something? Ah well… I feel that the non-profit work has a stronger impact and immediate benefit to my community. The perks are pretty sweet, too.

In my spare time, I like to… naw. Forget that. That’s just boring filler.

Happy to see your lines :slight_smile: