My Calendar not showing Schedule on-call shifts past 3 months

The calendar in my profile (my profile/on-call shifts) is not showing all of my on-call shifts past 2 months.

Today is June 1 and the last on-call shift showing on my calendar is Sept 9. It actually cuts off halfway through that specific on-call shift. That shift should continue through to Sept 12.

Is there a limit to how many shifts or how far into the future on-call shifts are shown on the users calendar? This is making it very difficult for people to coordinate vacation time farther out than a couple of months.

Hey Lucien,

Thanks for submitting your question to our community forum. Ryan from PD Support here.

It is expected behavior for the calendar view to not show that far out. However, if you go to the actual schedule itself, you will be able to see much further into the future.

I hope this helps!


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