Multiple teams using the same schedule

Hello Support,

I have a PagerDuty Schedule created.
I want to Share this schedule with other teams, or allow other teams to use this schedule.
How can I set this up?


Hey David,

Thanks for your question. My name is Ryan from the PagerDuty tech support team.

A schedule can be used across multiple Escalation Policies. In order for your schedule to be used elsewhere, the user trying to use it should be able to search for it from within the Escalation Policy.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


Ryan Viera
Technical Support Specialist

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Hey Ryan,

When I try to Edit the Escalation Policy of the team that I’d like to share with, my team is not showing up. Are there some additional steps I’m missing after I have setup my new team for other groups to use?

Hello David,

We would need more details regarding this to be able to assist you. As this is a public space, we would not be able to request such details here.

Please can you email with the details of the Team and the Schedule in question then we will go from there. Please reference this ticket #321695 in the email.

Kind regards,