Multi-Tier Escalations and Multiple Calendars/Multiple people on 1 schedule

I’m not sure if this is in the realm of possibilities with PagerDuty as I am able to understand, but I would like to do one of the following for an escalation policy:


  1. On event, AUTO RESOLVE/IGNORE if schedule is Business Hours
  2. On event, notify ONCALL_USER if schedule is After Hours
  3. After 30 minutes if not acknowledged, alert USER1 and USER2

Problem – I can’t set a rule for Step 1, and not setting Step 1’s type of rule, when not on After Hours schedule, the event immediately goes to Step 3


  1. On event, if during Business Hours, alert USER1 and USER2
  2. On event, if during After Hours, alert ONCALL_USER
  3. If no acknowledge in 30 minutes alert USER3 and USER4

Problem – I can’t seem to schedule multiple users in a schedule, it seems only 1 person is allowed on call at a time.

As a workaround I’ve seen you can add a dummy user which could intern make Option 1 work, but that would be burning a license I really don’t want to pay for just for a workaround.

Any advice would be great.

Have you looked into Support Hours? That would allow you to set hours where incidents will trigger using high-urgency rules, and outside those hours, use low-urgency rules which are optional to set up in a user profile, and thus won’t notify if the user has not set up those rules. If you do use low-urgency notifications for other services, the dummy user workaround is currently the only one available.

To achieve your use-case (assuming you don’t use low-urgency notifications):

  1. Set your support hours to be the inverse – your support hours would be the after-hours period that you want to notify during.
  2. Set your service to auto-resolve after X minutes (beware that this will affect all incidents on that service, not just the ones triggered after hours)
  3. Configure your escalation policy to include the users/schedules you want to be on-call, and the escalation timeout between layers.