Monday, October 2: PagerDuty APIs with Nakul Bhagat

Programmatic interfaces are the bedrock of modern software infrastructure and scalable platform operations. PagerDuty has multiple APIs that support hundreds of integrations and can be used with a Terraform provider. But that surface area of APIs isn’t static. We’ll talk to Nakul Bhagat, product lead at PagerDuty, about what the different APIs are for, why they matter, and what’s new.

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Tune in at 1pm PT // 4pm ET:

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  • As now all PagerDuty APIs support Scoped OAuth, Nakul explains its security features advantages over API keys, and details how it enables creative freedom to team users automate their own processes while granting secure access control according to team needs

  • What’s Nakul’s favorite PagerDuty API? Watch the video and find out! :eyes:

  • API first approach: no differentiation between PD-built REST AIPs and public APIs built by dev community

  • Events API as a starting point and how to leverage and expand the use of REST APIs to its fullest

  • Looking ahead: what’s next on PD APIs?

  • The importance of user community on feature request prioritization: :arrow_right:TAKE THE SURVEY:arrow_left: