modify email subject

Hi Team,

Is this possible to modify email subject line ?
Current email subject line: [PagerDuty ALERT] You have 1 TRIGGERED Incident (489af)
Requirement: [ENV] [CRITICAL] [SERVER NAME] [Host Out Of Memory]

alerts are triggering from Prometheus integrations.

Thanks in advanced.

It isn’t currently possible to customise notification content. If you’d like to write in to and elaborate on your use-case for custom notifications, we’d be happy to pass your feedback along to our Product team!

Got it. Thanks Thomas for your response.

Is there is a possibility to modify INCIDENT Summary ? As I updated in Alertmanager but it’s not updated in Pager Duty alerts. Below is a Example.

Alertmanger: [ENV] [FIRING] [WARNING] [HOSTNAME] [Swap Memory]
PagerDuty INCIDENT Summary: [[FIRING:1] Swap Memory HOSTNAME warning (ENV)]

Is it possible to make same as Alertmanager ?


You may benefit from this Support article which discusses how to add or replace the Summary field using Event Rules:

Feel free to write in to if you have any questions specific to your use-case!

Is this feature available in Free Trail ? As I did not found.

From Docs: Accounts with Free, Starter (legacy), Team (legacy), and Professional plans will have access to a single global ruleset.

Can you please help where I can access (path to see ruleset) single global ruleset as I am using Free Trail now. Thanks.


Yes, you do have access to the feature in the Freemium Plan. Clicking on the Automation option on the Nav bar should lead you there:
Automation->Event Rules