Metric name missing from incident title


We had a couple of incidents where relevant information was missing from the title – the titles just read “GreaterThanThreshold X.X.”

These have one thing in common: They are based on CloudWatch Alarms with a metric math expression. Based on the Metrics details, I would expect the title to be something like “Metric GreaterThanThreshold X.X”.

It would be great if alarms with metric math expressions were better supported when creating alerts.

Thanks for your consideration,

Hello André,

Currently such metric entry is not captured in the title. If it is part of the alert content, then there is the option to use Rulesets to replace the description?
However, I am happy to raise this with the Product Team to consider that as a feature request, if using the ruleset is not an option.

But it will help to understand the problem you are looking to solve with such feature? It will be helpful if you can elaborate a bit.


Hi Chiedu,

thanks for your prompt reply! We’d really like to see readable titles out-of-the-box, so we’d prefer to raise this with the Product Team.

The problem we’re trying to solve is this: We have multiple CloudWatch Alarms where metrics are using math expressions, and they use different labels (which are included in the Metrics).

However, PagerDuty shows them all with the same title, “GreaterThanThreshold 0.0” – we have no way of distinguishing them when an alert comes in.

That’s why we strongly believe PagerDuty should by default show the label in the title, so they show different titles:

  • “MetricLabelHere GreaterThanThreshold 0.0”
  • “AnotherMetricLabel GreaterThanThreshold 0.0”

Does this make sense or do you need more information?


Hi André,

Thanks for providing this feedback!

I have raised this Feature Request to our Product Team for the ability to view labels included in Metrics in the Cloudwatch Alarm incident titles.

Please let us know if you have any additional feedback you would like to add to this request.