May 2020 Customer Newsletter

Spring 2020 Release:

New Capabilities for a New Digital Era

PagerDuty is proud to announce our latest release, which empowers organizations to improve response team efficiency and protect customer relationships in a digital-first world.



Proactive Incident Response

Get a complete view of digital services across all teams, their dependencies, and the relevant operational metrics needed to provide hypercare and prevent issues before they become revenue-impacting crises. Innovations in service profiles, dashboards, and dependencies help teams improve operational resilience and agility.
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Intelligent Response and Automation

Get focused, real-time information about what’s most important, lighten the burden on responders by reducing work duplication, and give machines the ability to automate manual tasks. Mobile updates to Intelligent Triage (part of Event Intelligence) and new IT workflow automation integrations help teams stretch their budgets even further.
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Real-Time Business Orchestration

Work and communicate more efficiently during critical moments by breaking down silos and providing the right level of information for all teams in order to deliver better customer experiences. Mobile Status Dashboard, our new Microsoft Teams integration, and a revamped on-call scheduling experience help remote teams collaborate more effectively during incidents.
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Postmortem Workshop

Postmortem meetings can provide a wealth of benefits—if you know how to manage them optimally. Join us for a webinar that shows how you can make the most of the opportunities offered by postmortem meetings.

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We’ve Upgraded Our Online Community—Come Check It Out!

The new PagerDuty forum makes virtual interaction fun and comfortable. From casual water-cooler chat to troubleshooting support, our community forum can help you feel more connected and supported even when you’re on your own.

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Scale Your Infrastructure With Terraform

You may already know about the power of using Terraform and PagerDuty together. On May 28, we’ll have a discussion with Tyler Fitch, SRE at Adobe, and Scott McAllister, a Developer Advocate at PagerDuty who maintains the PagerDuty Terraform Provider, about their wins and lessons learned.

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Build Successful Technical and Human Chaos Engineering Practices

On June 3, join Jason Yee, Director of Advocacy at Gremlin, and Julie Gunderson, PagerDuty DevOps Advocate, to learn about the benefits of Chaos Engineering and how to build the practice with humans in mind.

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Join us for Summit EMEA on June 30

Our half-day virtual conference features Patrick Debois, considered one of the creators of the DevOps movement, updates on product enhancements, engaging breakouts, a virtual Expo hall, and much more.

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Explore More Events, Trainings, and Webinars

We’re hosting a variety of live workshops, meetups, events, and webinars so you can scale your PagerDuty experience and connect with others.

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Your One-Stop Shop for DevOps Best Practices and More

PagerDuty’s Resources Library has the latest ebooks, guides, webinars, and more. Everything you need to know about faster incident resolution and response is all in one place.

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