List incidents with information about merge

After someone merge incidents and I’m getting list of incidents over API, there are not information about that. I don’t see anything in LogEntry or Incident object itself.

Where I can look in API for this information? I need merge this incidents in my report too if they are already merged.


Hello Ladislav,

Thanks for reaching out, to your question –

You should be able to get information about merged incidents from the GET /incidents endpoint (list of incidents over API).

Merged incidents are marked as resolved by merge, this can be found in the API responses under the resolve_reason field with the type merge_resolve_reason which would also provide an incident reference with the incident ID of the remaining incident.

i.e. If you are merging incident A and incident B, getting the incident details of incident B would show that it was merged into incident A.

Hope this helps clarify things, please let me know if not or if you have any further questions.

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