Limit roles for responders

Is it possible to limit the role of a responder so they CANNOT acknowledge an event? We want to use automatic response plays to notify users of an incident but we want them unable to acknowledge an event since they are not the ones on the main escalation policy.

Currently the observer and responder advanced permissions object roles ( still allow a user to acknowledge an event.

Are the users ultimately just stakeholders who need to be kept up to date on the incident and not required to be an active part of the incident response process (ack, add note, reassign, request responder, resolve, etc.)?

Yes but they are stakeholders who need to be notified right away via a high urgency as they have a set of workflows they must do, thus notifying them is as important as notifying engineering. Because of this and the limitations of notifications for stakeholders they are added as responders currently.

Have you considered adding them to a high urgency (major) incident automatically using a Response Play as a subscriber instead of a responder? This way they’d be notified outside of the primary responders who would be the ones expected to acknowledge the incident.

It may need to be a process and/or training optimization for these teams to not acknowledge the incident but rather add a note indicating they are beginning their workflows.

I have considered doing this, although Pagerduty limits notifications to subscribers. We specifically need the same notification methods as responders (phone calls). Due to this we are forced to have them added as responders.

Hi Olivia! Thanks for sharing your feedback and use case. There is no way to add or remove granular permissions to the roles at this time. We understand how this limitation affects your workflow so we’ll go ahead and pass your feedback to our Product team.

We encourage you to continue to share your feedback with us! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions for us at